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Few cybersecurity companies have had as large an effect on cybersecurity as Arctic Security. We work behind the scenes, but our services protect millions of people and thousands of companies every day.

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Open positions - Finland

Senior UI Developer

Arctic Security is a Finnish company with most of our customers and business abroad. We build software products for national cyber security centers, computer emergency response teams, and other organizations that are mandated to look after the cybersecurity of many others. We also produce our services in the cloud, most notably the Early Warning Service, for enterprises and other entities who wish to get notified about critical cyber security issues in their networks.

Job Purpose

We have a unique opportunity for a Senior UI Developer with a vision to help us build our products. You will be part of our R&D team, working with the substance experts to find ways to make our technology usable and visual in the best possible way.

We are looking for a hands-on team player who strongly emphasizes usability and end-user experience. We don't expect you to know about cybersecurity, but you must be able to understand the viewpoints of different stakeholders and make decisions based on them.