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Arctic Security is a change agent, a disruptor in cybersecurity with a mission to help people defend their assets.

Our team

Our devoted team is composed of international experts with extensive knowledge and experience in working in the cyber threat intelligence industry. Our organization is led by CEO David Chartier, a long-term cybersecurity professional and the former CEO of Codenomicon. Our headquarters are based in Oulu, Finland. We also have offices in San Francisco, Singapore and Helsinki. Our main investor is CapMan.

Our mission

Arctic Security is a change agent, a disruptor in cybersecurity with a mission to help people defend their assets. We are dedicated to identifying cybersecurity threats before they negatively affect your business.

We are an enabler for defenders. We help identify the early signs of security breaches and vulnerable services through reliable data. We’ll look at the outcome – what happened and how – and share the data with you as it happens. It’s simple and straightforward. This way, you can rule out many cybersecurity incidents before they take a toll on your business.

Our solutions are affordable, automated, and we avoid creating workloads for you. Early Warning Service is efficient and versatile as a standalone service but also adds value as a complementary module alongside existing cybersecurity management measures.

Our management team

david-1 David Chartier
virpi Virpi Koivumaa
Paul-2 Paul Campbell
teemu-1 Teemu Vaskivuo
Head of R&D
person_image Jarkko Huttunen
Head of Solutions

Make a difference in cybersecurity

Few cybersecurity companies have had as large an effect on cybersecurity as Arctic Security. We work behind the scenes, but our services protect millions of people and thousands of companies every day.

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We built Arctic EWS as a continuous monitoring service to alert our customers to their cybersecurity issues. It’s a great way to take stock of your security posture and see what may have slipped through your defenses undetected. Try our free service and get reports that show you visible cybersecurity issues in your network.