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Our defensive cybersecurity tools come in four flavors

We have helped national cybersecurity centers build their cybersecurity notification services for years. Our product Arctic Hub catches 15 million cyber threats affecting 80,000 organizations around the world every day. And now, our early warning service Arctic EWS makes this technology accessible to organizations of any size or structure.


Arctic EWS

Your early warning service for cybersecurity issues. Arctic EWS generates security reports that give you the full picture of your network and the cyber threats it faces. It identifies the early signs of security breaches and vulnerable services so that you can prevent issues before they happen, and save costs in the process.

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Arctic Hub

Arctic Security helps national cybersecurity authorities deploy early warning systems for cybersecurity. Arctic Hub is a powerful cybersecurity automation platform that collects, harmonizes, and packages threat information, and ensures quick and effective notifications for your stakeholders.

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