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EDUCAUSE members can now get Arctic EWS at discounted member price. Getting started is easy: simply fill out the order form below and we'll get some service terms payment options to you ASAP so we can get started.

Maximum protection for minimal cost

Our early warning service Arctic EWS is a proven external cybersecurity monitoring solution that enables you to pinpoint your vulnerabilities and compromised systems. Our notification-based service barely adds any work for security and IT teams and has been shown to be timely, accurate, and efficient.

Arctic EWS grants you full access to a unique dataset that has been hard to find for US educational institutions for several years. With this data at your fingertips, you can significantly reduce the time-to-discovery for cybersecurity issues at your organization.

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We were impressed by the quality of data and unique perspective that Early Warning Service can offer and knew right away that we need to take this to our members.

- Brian Kelly, CISO at EDUCAUSE

Mark Herron - portrait

Arctic EWS highlighted faults in some of the operational practices that we had and showed on a clear daily basis that it was happening consistently, not as a onesie-twosie type of exception or device misconfiguration. By calling it out to us, Arctic EWS allowed us to identify where the problem actually was in order to address it directly at its source.

- Mark Herron, CISO at Case Western Reserve University

Arctic Security supports education

Even though Arctic EWS is already one of the most cost-effective organization-wide security measures available, we at Arctic Security are passionate supporters of higher education. Our partnership with EDUCAUSE helps institutions gain access to essential cybersecurity at an affordable price.
We are currently offering tiered discounted pricing for EDUCAUSE members so that institutions of all sizes can take advantage of the benefits, and our service has been fully tested and evaluated by members of EDUCAUSE. We welcome you to read those studies.

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Free historical report included

As part of this campaign, when you sign-up, we are also offering a free six-month historical report on your cybersecurity issues. This report reveals what is getting past your current security measures and is an ideal way to take stock of your external security posture.
With Arctic EWS, you can learn what others already know about you – and act now.

How much does Arctic EWS cost your institution?

When contacting us, let us know that you are an EDUCAUSE member and your institution's size to receive a quote with preferred pricing included.
We use the IPEDS student population to determine the appropriate pricing for EDUCAUSE members. The number of FTE students is calculated based on fall student headcounts, as reported by the institution on the IPEDS Enrollment. 

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