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What is the Arctic NCSC Feed?

Arctic NCSC Feed is a curated data feed that provides information on systems affected by 180+ different cybersecurity issues, ranging from vulnerable systems to public exposure of assets.

The Arctic NCSC Feed's purpose is to provide pre-vetted information about cybersecurity issues that should be addressed so that organizations would be less susceptible to cyber-attacks.

It's a key component for cybersecurity early warning systems, and it is specifically designed for the use cases of national cyber security teams who need better visibility on large-scale cyber issues.

National Cyber Security Centers (NCSC) and national CSIRT teams are the primary consumers of this feed. The feed is also great for managed security service providers who can use it to improve the cybersecurity posture of their clients. We do the heavy lifting in producing the data so our customers can focus on securing their networks.

What does the Arctic NCSC feed report on?

The Arctic NCSC Feed is focused on uncovering systemic issues related to  vulnerabilities and exposures affecting thousands to millions of systems worldwide.

The Arctic NCSC Feed covers both emerging cybersecurity issues and many well-known, but often still-exploitable historical vulnerabilities. Additionally, the feed reports on cases of suspected compromise, public exposure of sensitive assets, and various older cybersecurity issues, including misconfigurations and outdated assets, significantly raising the cyberattack risk for affected organizations.

Harmonized and ready-to-use

Arctic Security applies a rigorous data harmonization process as we combine data from multiple sources into one data feed. All the provided content is uniform, categorized, typed, classified by urgency, and augmented with relevant network information to make it easy to use.

Every entry in the Arctic NCSC Feed is enriched with contextual details tailored to assist the affected organizations. This information is designed to answer three key questions: 'What is this about?', 'Why is it a problem?' and 'How can I validate it?'

The provided data is ready for automated analysis and distribution. You can read more about the data harmonization framework in our public document.

How does Arctic NCSC Feed compare to other sources?

Arctic NCSC Feed complements other data sources you may already have access to, such as Shadowserver or Shodan, or your own vulnerability scanning efforts. We also continuously extend the coverage to report on new vulnerabilities so that you can get better coverage without spending effort on data discovery and analysis.

Arctic NCSC Feed is offered as global or regional data sets, so the data can be used to notify national stakeholders on their issues, and it can also be used to extend monitoring coverage to multinational organizations whose infrastructure extends beyond the national borders.

Many of our Arctic Hub customers also subscribe to the Arctic NCSC Feed, and together, they are a powerful tool helping you to extract insights into what security problems are affecting your stakeholders.

Key features

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Regional data

Customers value the threat intelligence data that’s relevant to them. If you are in charge of protecting national infrastructure, Arctic NCSC Feed automatically maps threat data to your country. Global data can be provided for an additional fee. 

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Harmonized data

When it comes to information, the better the sources you have, the more confident you can be. Arctic NCSC Feed is carefully categorized and typed, so you can be assured that the incoming data is predictable.  Our urgency classification for the issues helps you to prioritize your outreach efforts with the affected organizations. The Arctic NCSC Feed data is formatted to be practical and easily parsed for further analysis, processing, and mapping to customers.

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Risk awareness

When you want to understand the cybersecurity exposure that your country is presenting to the internet, you need reliable data. Arctic NCSC Feed helps you to be aware of the risks and enables you to create cybersecurity KPIs to work and monitor improvements. You can split threat data using category, type, or network owner within your constituency.

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High quality

To make your early warning services as effective as possible, you need to know that your data is reliable, and when your stakeholder receives them they can take action without worrying about false positives. We carefully vet the content in the NCSC Feed to reduce the amount of false positives so you can confidently share it with the organizations you help protect.

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