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Arctic Hub

Monitor cybersecurity day and night with Arctic Hub, a fully automated notification platform for better cyber defense

Arctic Hub

Today, cybercriminals can often find themselves one step ahead of companies. Our solution helps to close that gap by taking the opportunity away from them. Arctic Hub is a cyber defense solution that automates the finding and processing of threat observations. Using the Hub, you can provide stakeholders with tailored up-to-date threat information. The highly automated process is easy on your resources and easy to implement. All that’s left for your customers to do is to react to the information.

Preact: know which security issues to fix before any harm is done

With Arctic Hub, automated cybersecurity provides threat information collection and sharing from a massive amount of data. It was built to work even in the most challenging environments, with tens of millions of threat observations and thousands of stakeholders. Hub shares only the relevant information matched to your organization. Our incident notifications are directly actionable and allow recipients to know which security issues to fix. This stops you and your customers from being overwhelmed with threat information and allows you to concentrate on prioritizing your biggest risks.

Get situational awareness and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

Arctic Hub observes trends and campaigns and tracks progress to improve cyber defense. This allows our clients to understand the vulnerabilities and weak points in their infrastructure that are already visible to cybercriminals. The Arctic Hub dashboard displays real-time information on the threats your customers have faced. With better visibility over your infrastructure, you improve the cyber defense of your stakeholders.

Key features


Automated intelligence sharing

Customers value threat intelligence data that’s optimal for them so they can fix issues fast. That’s why Arctic Hub automatically maps threat data to your customers based on their internet presence so you can specify in detail which types of threat intelligence packages you want to send to each one. You can then share them via email reports or direct API access.

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Harmonized data

When it comes to information, the better the sources you have, the more confident you can be. Arctic Hub automatically harmonizes incoming data so you can be selective about the sources you use for your threat intelligence. This harmonized data is formatted so that it can be easily sent for further analysis, processing and mapping to customers.


True situational awareness

Better situational awareness helps you set up cybersecurity KPIs to monitor improvements. The Arctic Hub dashboard shows real-time information on threats your customers have faced. You can split threat data using factors such as customer type, geographical area, malware type or observation time.

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Feedback-based optimization

To make your service as effective as possible, you need to know what works for your customers. Arctic Hub shows you detailed feedback on which customers access which threat intelligence packages at which times. This way, you can give them more of what they need, and less of what they don’t.


Use cases
for Arctic Hub

Situational awareness and KPIs

Arctic Hub shows you real-time information on the threats your customers have faced. You can also see how the threat data has been divided by different factors such as type of customers, geographical area, type of malware or observation time.

Automatically alert your constituents

Cyber security authorities, CSIRT teams and ISACs can tap into a wealth of actionable and reliable abuse information. This information can alert your constituents on compromised or vulnerable systems and help them to remediate them in an efficient manner.


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Test-drive Arctic EWS

We built Arctic EWS as a continuous monitoring service to alert our customers to their cybersecurity issues. It’s a great way to take stock of your security posture and see what may have slipped through your defenses undetected. Try our free service and get reports that show you visible cybersecurity issues in your network.