Accessible cybersecurity for everyone

Here at Arctic Security, we believe that cybersecurity is important, but we also understand that different people have different resources. That’s why we developed Asset Discovery and Assessment – a free, light version of our Arctic EWS service.

Asset Discovery and Assessment generates a convenient monthly report designed to give you a quick high-level overview of your network’s security problems and helps you in your asset discovery.

Discover your security posture

Asset Discovery and Assessment provides you with a monthly summary of which of your assets have had various types of security-related issues and therefore helps you to form a more comprehensive external security picture. You can use this service, for example, to track how many cases of low-, medium-, and high-severity level issues have been reported for your company over the past six months and present it to your management team.

When you sign up for the free service, you will receive a summary of sub-domains registered to your domain (and their associated IP addresses), which will help you to map your organisation’s external attack surface. You can then input the precise network ranges that belong to your organisation and further improve the coverage and accuracy of the report. The assessment report for the free service is delayed by one month compared to the paid version.

Upgrade to Arctic EWS at any time!

Arctic EWS is our commercial service that takes things to the next level. It offers a detailed report that shows precisely where reported problems are and when they were found. If you want to give Arctic EWS a test-drive before subscribing, you can do so with our one-month fully functional trial.

Sign up for Free Arctic EWS Service

You can register and access the Arctic EWS portal by completing this form. After you register, you can access your free asset discovery and assessment report. Arctic EWS is a service intended for businesses and organizations, so please sign up using your business email address which helps us to identify your organization.

The sign-up process requires a valid email address, which is also used to verify the domain name used to match data to your organization and will be associated with the Arctic EWS. Signing up with a free email service is not allowed, as you are most likely not in control of that domain. We may need to contact you to confirm the registration details if there is no apparent connection between the registered email domain and the provided organization name.


Key features

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Third-party cybersecurity validation

Have you ever wished you could see your network from the outside? Arctic EWS allows you to do exactly that, and the information it provides can often be business critical. The ultimate goal of an Arctic EWS subscription is to achieve an empty monthly report and minimal daily notifications.


A cost-effective solution

You can’t normally purchase global data sources for individual networks. But we can. Arctic EWS is a reliable, cost-effective way to get access to threat information that would otherwise be pretty expensive. We put this data right at your fingertips, making it cheaper, quicker and more convenient to access.


Easy implementation

Onboarding with Arctic EWS couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out the form on this page, which gives us a better picture of your assets and review the results of our asset discovery. You’ll start to receive notifications as soon as there is something to report. With Arctic EWS, you don’t need to keep track of any hardware or software and there are no network access concerns – monitoring is 100% external.


Non-stop service, 24/7/365

While scheduled vulnerability scans from external consultants are useful, they leave you exposed between scans. With Arctic EWS, you don’t need to wait for scans at all – monitoring is continuous. You can discover vulnerabilities, suspected malware, compromised systems and more, around the clock.