Over the past 12 months, Arctic Hub has received several major updates and improvements to feed processing, notification configuration, and asset discovery features.

The releases also included updates to all supported feeds to observe the most recent changes in the data harmonization ontology implemented in the transition from version 3 to 4. One of the key changes was the inclusion of a new category augmentation step to the feed data processing, which categorizes data into a suspected compromise for incident response, known vulnerabilities for vulnerability management, public exposure for configuration management, and potential threats for threat analysis or risk assessment.

The new features help users of Arctic Hub to work with the collected data more efficiently and configure the notification services with less technical expertise. 

Major added features also included a new share type for alerts, allowing users to create custom email alerts for high-priority issues per customer and issue type. To help our customers to work with notifications without technical expertise, we included sharing template editor with email preview and test email sending capabilities

Other significant improvements were related to shared resource detection of dynamic customer assets based on the Certificate Transparency Log database and the expansion of the keys to match domain names in customer configurations to more keys in event data.

These updates have brought significant improvements and new features to HUB, including better feed quality assurance, improved performance, and enhanced shared resource detection.

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