Arctic Security brings support for Nessus vulnerability scanning to Arctic Hub and Node products. Nessus is a security monitoring tool for discovering vulnerabilities. It scans for vulnerabilities and provides detailed information on known and potential threats. 

Active scanning is a quick and targeted way to find potential threats in connected devices and services therein. Scanners search for open gates into systems and perform vulnerability testing for any services found open and exposed. Our products turn periodic manual scanning activity into automatic continuous vulnerability monitoring. Your network assets configured in our Hub and Node products are used to target the scanning activity. We unite scan findings and threat information for efficient preventive action and victim notification. The results from Nessus are aligned and combined with the threat data from various other data sources.

Nessus integration is a great example of our products’ capability to integrate third-party tools and information for automated threat discovery, analysis and notification. Nessus is another source of data that is harmonized and categorized in order to reveal publicly exposed open and vulnerable services. Currently, Arctic Hub and Node offer over 100 direct threat feed integrations out-of-the-box. Our products process, manage, and store a large amount of data in one place and automatically transform that data into threat information specific to you.



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