OULU, FINLAND — June 22nd. Arctic Security is pleased to announce that EDUCAUSE is bringing Early Warning Service (EWS) to its member schools to help improve their security posture. EWS automatically alerts subscribers about vulnerabilities and suspected compromised hosts visible on their computer networks. EDUCAUSE made the decision after thorough due diligence and the positive outcome of a six-month joint research study by the Independent College Enterprise.

The study showed that the time from a security breach to fix improved dramatically from an average of 81 days to just 1.3 days. This significant achievement, along with a confirmed data quality of 98% accurate and only 2% false positives, led EDUCAUSE to partner with Arctic Security and promote the EWS service to its members.

Brian Kelly, the Cybersecurity Program Director at EDUCAUSE, commented: “I am pleased to bring this service to our members. Especially as Colleges and Universities are seeing an unprecedented number of threats. It is even more paramount to leverage technology that complements the IT team’s efforts in these times of tight budgets and limited cybersecurity staff. The service enables them to see vulnerabilities and compromised systems then to take action and get ahead of the hackers. The reduction in time-to-fix issues found in the ICE study clearly shows the benefit of this approach. In today’s market, hiring additional, experienced, cybersecurity professionals is challenging. It is essential to leverage existing security and IT resources, enabling teams to achieve more in less time.” Kelly added, that “It is great to be able to access a service proven in the National Cyber Security space to protect the most critical infrastructure. The team at EDUCAUSE is excited to be working with Arctic Security to bring it to our members.”

“For years, we have focused our attention on National Cyber Security Centers and Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT’s). With the launch of our new Early Warning Service, notifications are delivered directly to end-user organizations. Until now, these organizations have been unable to access this type of information,” stated David Chartier the Arctic Security CEO. Chartier was previously the CEO of Codenomicon, the company that is known for uncoverering and naming the Heartbleed vulnerability in 2014.

“We identified Higher Education because this market is under siege from increasing attacks and has limited budgets; a situation exasperated by Covid 19. Our goal is to democratize access to this information resource so that all can benefit, not just the richest corporations or the highly endowed. We are honored to partner with EDUCAUSE to help them get ahead of the hackers. The Higher Education will benefit from this external perspective, which helps them to prioritize urgent cybersecurity issues that need fixing.”

About Arctic Security: Arctic Security is a Finnish cybersecurity company that has previously focused on helping national cybersecurity authorities protect critical infrastructure by developing an automated incident notification platform. Having seen the benefits in the critical infrastructure space, Arctic Security is now focused on bringing the capability to a broader audience of MSSPs, enterprises, and universities. For more information, please visit Arctic Security at https://arcticsecurity.com

About EDUCAUSE: EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. We equip our community with the knowledge, resources, and community-building opportunities needed to help shape strategic IT decisions at every level in higher education. We welcome diversity—in viewpoints and experience—and believe in the transformative power of uncommon thinking for the common good.


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David Chartier – CEO




Brian Kelly - Cybersecurity Program Director