When you think about the concept of an early warning system, what kind of mental image does it evoke?

Well, since some of us have probably watched the 1983 movie War Games, we picture intercontinental ballistic missiles, ICBMs, flying through the air. Cut into a dark situation room somewhere underground, an alarm goes off signaling the impending doom.

A more recent example might involve an earthquake somewhere in the Pacific Ocean outside Japan. The resulting tsunami would wipe out coastal habitation and cause the Fukushima nuclear power plant to fail.

Physical world phenomena, such as missile attacks, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, are all familiar territory for thinking about early warning. The cyber realm, however, has traditionally been more of an uncharted territory.

In his article on Public Exposure, our analyst, Lari Huttunen, explores the topic of early warning systems and applies the UNDRR Four-Field Methodology. 

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