Enterprises face more advanced and difficult-to-predict cyber-attacks, such as targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT). To avoid these threats, security and IT organizations use early warning systems to predict when an attack may occur. These systems use real-time and past data to improve the company's readiness for an attack. Companies must proactively protect themselves and reduce risks by understanding the attackers' methods and knowing what threats are coming.

EWS & Threat Intelligence is the Next Generation of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Platforms. 

Modern network infrastructures face internal and external threats, and security teams must prioritize and sure-up their internal and external attack surface to ensure they protect the whole enterprise. EWS helps to reduce risk, provide security, and proactively protect its brand or reputation. Traditionally EWS solutions were coupled with network-based intrusion detection (IDS) or intrusion prevention (IPS) approaches to help SecOps and IT teams to have the ability to handle the incoming challenges in the cyber environment. Now, enterprises are turning to EWS platforms to extend their security capabilities throughout the company, understand internal and external threats before they become incidents, and ensure the organization is prepared to defend against an intrusion or breach. 

From the CISO down, SecOps and IT teams' main challenge is providing network protection services against known and unknown threats and vulnerabilities. EWS solutions are an effective mechanism for companies to manage and respond to threats more efficiently, reducing the risk to the overall organization and, in many cases, improving security compliance and the team's ability to respond to threats faster. Implementing EWS policies that demonstrate proper cybersecurity hygiene and behavior upfront will reduce overall costs while improving its readiness for security teams and the entire organization. 

EWS is a tool that helps IT teams identify and respond to potential security threats. It works by analyzing the behavior of potential hazards, determining the level of danger, and taking appropriate steps to fix the problem, including identifying the scope of the attack and deploying solutions to stop it. EWS is a valuable tool for IT teams who may not have much experience with cybersecurity, as it helps them stay on top of potential threats, deal with known threats, and keep their systems secure. IT organizations use EWS to improve their cyber hygiene, which means regularly checking and maintaining their systems to ensure they are up-to-date and secure. It also helps identify vulnerabilities and missing patches and guides the organization to take necessary action to block and mitigate risks. EWS reduces the organization's attack surface across all operational sectors of the business. 

EWS and Threat Intelligence Make a Difference 

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, companies need to have a plan to identify and respond to potential threats quickly. Early warning systems (EWS) are a valuable tool in this effort. They work by analyzing large amounts of data to identify patterns and potential threats and then alerting the appropriate team or individuals allowing companies to take action to protect themselves before an attack can cause significant damage. By investing in EWS solutions, companies can be more proactive in protecting their critical systems and data.


Arctic Security's early warning service (EWS) uses their expertise in data sourcing and big data analytics to identify anomalies that could indicate a potential cyber-attack. This allows IT programs and cybersecurity teams to quickly identify and respond to potential threats and take the necessary steps to protect their organization's systems and data. EWS also provides early warning alerts and remediation guidance which enables IT and cybersecurity teams to proactively monitor the organization's environment, identify potential threats, and take action to prevent or mitigate them. This enables teams to be more efficient in their defense and improve their overall security posture.

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