We are excited to unveil our new service, Arctic EWS

Arctic EWS can now be purchased directly from our website and staying true to our company mission; we have also built a version that is completely free to every organization to support their ongoing asset discovery and assessment priorities.

So what is our motive for creating Arctic EWS? Arctic Security has a mission to make cybersecurity threat information accessible to everyone. Over the past five years, we have seen how valuable and impactful our notification services are for the national cybersecurity teams that are equipped with our software. Many of our customers have told us that having access to the information that our software provides is a significant step towards bolstering their organization’s security posture.

Yet, there are still many companies that cannot take advantage of this kind of service, and we are convinced that this needs to change quickly and on a global scale, now! 

Therefore over the past year, our team has been developing the infrastructure to offer our cybersecurity information services (Arctic EWS) to the market through a simple web-based platform.

Arctic EWS is a cybersecurity warning system that can be conveniently purchased entirely online with a credit card. Arctic EWS aggregates information about vulnerable services and suspected compromises from many public and commercial cybersecurity data sources. When you subscribe and configure your domain and IP network asset information within the Arctic EWS platform, the system will let you know about the cybersecurity issues related to your network, both right now and in the future - the very moment they occur. 

We have seen how many organizations struggle to understand their attack surface, especially for external assets hosted in the cloud. And beyond this, an even more significant number of organizations have blind spots on how those assets are affected by vulnerabilities and potential cybersecurity compromises. 

So we also wanted to create something truly unique that would help every company assess its security posture and critically, we wanted to offer this to the market permanently for free. 

Therefore we are launching a completely free component of Arctic EWS to help every organization become more aware of their risk exposure. You do not need a paid subscription to access it, just register as an Arctic EWS user and create a profile for your company. Free subscribers will get access to an ongoing practical report that provides you with a summary of the findings that Artic EWS has collected and informs you which of your assets have been seen to have problems. 

We believe in transparency; therefore, if you want to understand the specific problems with those systems, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription. The first month is free and comes with no obligation - you can cancel at any time. 

We hope you find our services helpful, and we are looking forward to hearing back from you on your experiences and what benefits and exciting use cases you have found for them.

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