Arctic Hub and Node offer the following functionalities for the situational awareness and key metrics:



Arctic Hub and Node provide the users with a web-based interface to create, explore and present different views of the dataset processed by Hub. The functionality focuses largely on methods for a quick drill-down into the dataset and intuitive visualizations in order to establish a rapid situational awareness. Arctic Hub allows organizations to effectively manage the continuous growth in volume and throughput of the threat intelligence available.

KPI Reporting

Arctic Hub generates a running dataset of key metrics over a given a time period. The consistency of this dataset increases the confidence level of reports over time. Aggregates can be combined into a periodic reporting, for example into a quarterly publishing. The KPI datasets provide a solid start for additional analytical processing.

Flexible aggregates

New aggregates or modifications to the existing ones can be easily explored and configured. Continuously updated aggregates help keep information useful for the organizations.

Sharing and feedback

Arctic Hub is not only focusing providing key metrics from the processed data, it will also provide metrics from the shared information. Arctic Hub receives automated feedback from Arctic Node, allowing organizations to get a real-time understanding about how their customers utilize the shared threat intelligence.



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