OULU, FINLAND, and BREINIGSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA – June 21, 2023 – Finnish cybersecurity firm Arctic Security and Venseca, a membership-based platform dedicated to improving Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration is critical as it is estimated that 56% of businesses have experienced a third-party vendor breach due to suppliers' cybersecurity shortcomings. 

Venseca's patent-pending process creates fidelity in the communication of suppliers' cybersecurity risk profiles, including the creation of Digital Trust Scores, thorough reporting, and all common risk standards used by the education, medical, and financial services communities. Offering members complimentary access to all suppliers' validated risk information through a singular platform streamlines what has traditionally been a resource-intensive TPRM process.

Jim Burnett, founder and CEO of Venseca, shares his excitement: "We are delighted to introduce continuous external monitoring of vulnerabilities, open systems, and compromised machines to our platform. By integrating Arctic Security's Early Warning Service (EWS), we combine our thorough internal understanding of a vendor's security posture with cutting-edge external monitoring to create a complete, 360 degree view of third-party risk. This unique approach further differentiates our platform and empowers our members to make well-informed decisions regarding their third-party risks." 

David Chartier, CEO of Arctic Security, adds: "For years, we have focused on improving the capabilities of National Cyber Security Centers and Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). Our Early Warning Service delivers critical notifications directly to end-user organizations previously unable to access such information. Through our work, we have developed an extensive capability to provide supporting cybersecurity information to partners like Venseca, who seek to improve the cybersecurity posture of their clients. We are honored to partner with Venseca to extend this vital cyber coverage to their ecosystem, enabling organizations to improve their Digital Trust Scores in real-time and providing Venseca the ability to better stand out in the marketplace."

About Arctic Security

Arctic Security is a cybersecurity company that started by helping national cybersecurity authorities by providing a national cybersecurity incident notification platform for their constituents. Having seen the effects of such systems in the critical infrastructure space, Arctic Security decided to bring the capability to a broader global audience. For more information, please visit Arctic Security at: https://arcticsecurity.com

About Venseca

Founded in 2021 by two passionate cybersecurity and higher education experts, Venseca created a new model for engaging with service providers to understand their cyber risk profiles. Rather than organizations working directly with each of their vendors on seemingly endless questionnaires and data collection for their internal third-party risk management (TPRM) programs, Venseca runs an independent assessment of a supplier's cyber-related information and provides reporting and Digital Trust Scores back to the organization. https://venseca.com


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