Community Services

Enabling national cybersecurity teams

CSIRT development program

A year of free commercial products for qualifying CSIRT/CERT teams.

Arctic Hub – Arctic Security’s data processing automation platform – has been adopted by many national cybersecurity incident response teams (CSIRTs). Arctic Hub is often used to build the national cybersecurity notification systems that protect critical national infrastructure.

The platform is also used to automate routine data collection and processing tasks for situational awareness purposes.

Arctic Security wants to do its part to improve global cybersecurity, particularly in areas where funding is difficult to come by or where a CSIRT has just started. This is why we’re making our commercial products free for an entire year for CSIRTs/CERTs that have been awarded fellowship status by FIRST.

We’re also offering significant discounts for CSIRTs that have been recently established and those with few resources so that they can access high-quality tools without using up serious chunks of their budgets on our tools.

So, between June 2022 and June 2023:

  • If you’re a CSIRT/CERT that’s been awarded fellowship status by FIRST, you can get Arctic Hub for free
  • If you’re a CSIRT/CERT with a low number of resources available for tools like ours, you can get Arctic Hub for a low price that’s in line with your resource level

At Arctic Security, we believe that CSIRTs/CERTs should have the freedom to focus their resources on cybersecurity topics rather than engineering if they so choose. We want to empower these teams to become more efficient and provide better services without having to do extensive in-house software development and maintenance.

So, if you want to provide better cybersecurity services for your own clients, please get in touch with us.

(Note: some current fellows are already using Arctic Hub; this offer only applies to those CSIRTs that aren’t already Arctic Security customers.)

Cybersecurity services for all businesses

Free Attack Surface Management

Understanding your real attack surface is an important part of defending any organization - how could you defend assets that you don't even realize you have?

We know that if we wanted to release a free service, it needed to contribute something unique and valuable to the cybersecurity community. So what does our free service do?

First, it will enumerate all the assets that you have that are visible to the outside world, whether it's on your network or in the cloud. This will help you to understand which vendors host services for you.

Second, we have quite a bit of data about cybersecurity problems around the world, such as vulnerable services and suspected compromises. We match the threat information with your company's discovered assets.  Our service provides a free monthly report showing how many unique systems were affected by these different types of issues.

Our mission is that our subscribers will eventually have no severe problems because they could see and fix them. While we can't share the detailed data in the free report, it gives you useful things to consider and talk about with your colleagues.

In addition, you don't need to be a cyber security specialist to use it! Sign up as the CxO, risk manager, or IT person who is cybersecurity curious to understand more about your company.