Cybersecurity protection for the K-12


Education providers want to improve their cybersecurity but are often overwhelmed by complexity and price. It doesn't have to be that way. Arctic EWS makes it easy and affordable. We help you to focus on what you truly care about, education.

Maximum protection for minimal cost

Our early warning service Arctic EWS is a proven external cybersecurity monitoring solution that enables you to pinpoint your vulnerabilities and compromised systems. Our notification-based service barely adds any work for security and IT teams and has been shown to be timely, accurate, and efficient.

Arctic EWS grants you full access to a unique dataset that has been hard to find for US educational institutions because of its complexity and price. We simplified it and made it affordable. With this data at your fingertips, you can significantly reduce the time-to-discovery of cybersecurity issues at your organization.

Uncover your security posture at the free Arctic EWS service tier

Everyone who signs up gets access to our free Asset Discovery and Assessment report, which provides you with valuable information about your assets that are discoverable from the internet. We combine that asset information with our database of know cybersecurity issues that affect those assets.

While the free report does not contain details about the vulnerabilities and problems, just the amounts, it is quite a useful tool. This report reveals what is getting past your current security measures and is an ideal way to take stock of your external security posture.

You can see the full details of the reported problems with the free trial of the commercial service. With Arctic EWS, you can learn what others already know about you – and preact now.

Sign-up to Early Warning Service

One-month free trial available

Registering to Arctic EWS is free. After completing the sign-up process and updating your asset information, you can also download your monthly free asset discovery and assessment report, which will always be available for you. Registered users can upgrade to a paid subscription in our Arctic EWS portal. You can read more about the commercial Arctic EWS  service,  which comes with a free trial.

The free trial is directly accessible by providing a credit card or by reaching out to us to enable the trial access via other means.

Arctic EWS is a service intended for businesses and organizations, so please sign up using your business email address which helps us to identify your organization. The sign-up process requires a valid email address, which is also used to verify the domain name used to match data to your organization and will be associated with the Arctic EWS. We may need to contact you to confirm the registration details if there is no apparent connection between the registered email domain and the provided organization name.


We were impressed by the quality of data and unique perspective that Early Warning Service can offer and knew right away that we need to take this to our members.

- Brian Kelly, CISO at EDUCAUSE

Mark Herron - portrait

Arctic EWS highlighted faults in some of the operational practices that we had and showed on a clear daily basis that it was happening consistently, not as a onesie-twosie type of exception or device misconfiguration. By calling it out to us, Arctic EWS allowed us to identify where the problem actually was in order to address it directly at its source.

- Mark Herron, CISO at Case Western Reserve University

Arctic Security supports Education

Even though Arctic EWS is already one of the most cost-effective organization-wide security measures available, we at Arctic Security are passionate supporters of higher education. Our partnership with Kovexa helps education access essential cybersecurity at a truly affordable price.
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K-12 pricing for Arctic EWS

Extra Small

For school systems with up to 2,500 students

Prices based on an annual subscription


For school systems with up to 5,000 students

Prices based on an annual subscription


For school systems with up to 10,000 students

Prices based on an annual subscription